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RTGX Executives Recognized for Humanitarian Efforts

The Board of Directors of the Greater Baltimore Urban League has selected RTGX’s President and CEO and Founder to be recipients of the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Award for the year 2015. The award is given to those who advance the quality of life of the citizens of Baltimore and are role models, humanitarians and who give their time in support of the community.  Continue reading RTGX Executives Recognized for Humanitarian Efforts

RTGX Executives Help Zwelibanzi High School

Earlier this year RTGX Executives were given the opportunity to visit a Zwelibanzi High School in the Umlazi Township in South Africa. This High School utilizes its very few but precious resources, including the commitment of the teachers and volunteers to teach and keep the flame for knowledge burning for students from tough circumstances – some of whom walk miles to get to the school everyday. Continue reading RTGX Executives Help Zwelibanzi High School

Sending Our Best

As a company with a global presence that serves customers in multiple time zones, we get to connect with world events in a more intimate manner whether we like it or not sometimes. We have had employees stuck overseas...

RTGX Taps Miami Venture Hive

As the Federal Government market continues through its ups and downs, it is creating a rare sense of unpredictability in a historically reliable segment.  Companies with a singular focus on the Federal Government – companies such as RTGX –...