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Earlier this year RTGX Executives were given the opportunity to visit a Zwelibanzi High School in the Umlazi Township in South Africa. This High School utilizes its very few but precious resources, including the commitment of the teachers and volunteers to teach and keep the flame for knowledge burning for students from tough circumstances – some of whom walk miles to get to the school everyday.

Zwelibanzi-thanksThe spirit of the young men and women we met touched all who visited with us. What stood out was the passion for learning, the many hopes for their individual futures, the way they uplifted each each other and the relentless commitment to use the foundation the school was providing to better their circumstances not only for themselves but their families and community.

This school with much less resources than the worst urban schools in the United States somehow manages to daily inspire the students, teachers and volunteers from the U.S. Department of State’s Fulbright Program. Something happened during our visit that touched all of us, physicians, entrepreneurs and educators and we made a commitment to support the school in some way upon our return to the U.S.

The first thing we did was ask the School Principal about the most urgent needs. The answer was short and simple. Any support that would keep the kids fed during the school day and white boards that could be used in each classroom as the old chalk boards the school had resembled museum quality prehistoric cave dweller relics.

We are happy to report that we have delivered the white boards to Zwelibanzi High School and are now focused on how we keep the support and commitment to the school going!

Small things make a difference, they really do. In a very complex and at times scary world the ability to make a difference in life and put a smile on a face regardless of race, color, religion or country of origin has a reward that though intangible you feel deep in your soul.

RTGX through its partnership with the Baltimore Cares 501c is happy we could help make a difference and put a smile on faces thousands of miles and continents away.