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As a company that leverages our expertise of Virtualization in order to help our customers achieve efficiencies in mission centric applications and accelerate their path towards cloud computing, it made sense for us to dive deep into Flash Memory Arrays. We think the following information from a company who we continue to be impressed with is something our customers and followers need to know about.
Cloud computing has evolved to the point where it’s a critical component to virtually every company’s IT strategy. Industry vocabulary may have changed, but we’re simply entering a new phase in the ongoing march toward a true utility model for computing. The distinction between private, public, and hybrid clouds will become less relevant, as will the physical type and location of the infrastructure.

Of course someone has to build data centers – and the underlying technology has to support many key requirements. Cloud infrastructure needs to be fully virtualized, highly scalable, and be elastic enough to rapidly respond to changes. Violin flash Memory Arrays support all of these objectives and are critical for the paramount goal: consistently meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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