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As the Federal Government market continues through its ups and downs, it is creating a rare sense of unpredictability in a historically reliable segment.  Companies with a singular focus on the Federal Government – companies such as RTGX – continue their drive to increase the diversity of their business portfolio with the goal of maintaining a strategic balance. The Federal Government continually looks to the commercial sector for innovation where time to market, competition and the ability to raise capital for good ideas reward savvy entrepreneurs with high returns on investment and their customers with sometimes exponential increases in capability and value to the bottom line.

Miami's Venture Hive is one of the incubators around the country where RTGX continues to look for that next best thing that could act as a game changer for its customers. The RTGX South Florida based team has increased its market development activities and continues to expand its opportunity base in South Florida in support of the Cyber, Health Care, Big Data Analytics  and IT Infrastructure space.