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Analysis based on timely, relevant, and high quality data unlocks the business value of big data. Businesses know that analyzing more data in a shorter amount of time results in a competitive advantage. Violin Memory Arrays provide the combination of consistent low latency and scalability to ensure that storage performance accelerates the process of extracting information from vast volumes of data.
Violin Memory Arrays deliver both the scale and performance to serve data for the most demanding big data jobs. Low-latency flash Memory Arrays eliminate I/O bottlenecks and enable sub-millisecond data access times. Able to scale to over one half a Petabyte of capacity in a single rack with performance over two million IOPS, very large data sets can be stored and processed quickly.

Violin Memory Arrays offer the following benefits:

  • Ability to capture more data in less time
  • Faster job processing and query response
  • Scalability to keep pace with data growth
  • Shared access for many clients

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