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Having just landed a DoD contract that focuses on the acceleration and optimum performance of MYSQL, the following information was of great interest to us at RTGX Storage. With our focus on Big Data Analytics and Cloud solutions such as those from Violin are always at the top of our list.  RTGX continues to build out its Test and Integration Storage capabilities in support of our own product testing.  Our goal is to develop the kind of  first hand knowledge it takes to ensure that when we recommend a product to a customer – we know it is going to meet or exceed objectives.

Accelerating MYSQL

The MySQL database is a flexible and powerful database used widely for business critical applications – applications that can’t afford to have I/O performance and scalability limitations. Traditional disk-based solutions are often not up to the task. Violin flash Memory Arrays have the scalability to store entire databases in memory ensuring the lowest latency access to data. Log files, index files, tempbb – everything receives a performance boost. Benefits include:

  • Faster transaction and query performance
  • Higher CPU utilization
  • Reduced power, cooling and space costs by 50-80%
  • Fewer DB licenses required

Read more:  http://www.violin-memory.com/applications/mysql/